WUSSIFICATION: Trump BANS Fake News Outlets From PRESSER – Watch Tapper Cry Over It

Published on February 25, 2017

Watching Trump troll the media? Priceless!

The President has a good idea of who is trying to BECOME the news, rather than report it.

He knows who has been editorializing the ‘news’ stories and presenting them as objective ‘fact’.

Should it really surprise us if he uses a public spectacle to get EVERYONE talking about the fact that certain news sources are biased?

Could it be that Trump sprung a trap and they fell for it?

Nah. Keep going with your ranting about how evil and dangerous he is. That’s REALLY working for you. The news media is held in SUCH high esteem after your endless Chicken Little act.

What’s the latest hand-wringing about? The media is FURIOUS that Obama could visit the late-night shows, but had no time for Fox.

No, wait. That’s not it.

Right. TRUMP had a ‘press gaggle’ after his CPAC speech, but hand-picked certain agencies to be represented in it.

Spicer allowed in what is known as the White House ‘pool’, a rotation of reporters who report on behalf of all outlets, and then hand-picked who else he let in.

CBS was the news network that was assigned to represent all the major networks today as part of what is known at the television pool.

ABC, NBC and Fox News were all allowed in. So was One America News Network.

That left CNN banned. Other broadcasters from abroad also kept out, including BBC and Al Jazeera.

What? ABC and NBC attended the presser?

To hear them wring their hands, you’d assume that NOBODY but FOX News was allowed in the room. And the White House Pool was there too?

So Jake Tapper was predictably apopleptic:

No ’emotionally charged’ language in that little report there, was there Jake? No EDITORIALIZING in there, was there?

‘This White House does not seem to respect the idea of accountability, this White House does not seem to value an independent press.
‘There is a word for that line of thinking. The word is un-American.’

Boo hoo, Jake. The ‘independent’ press had an easy time of it when your people and the Democrats had their incestuous political arrangement. You’ve taken Hillary’s loss personally, and are now actively HELPING obstruct Trump’s team set up their cabinet, and then criticizing them for being ‘slow’ to get up to speed.

Every story you guys tell have spectres of ‘racist’ or ‘dictator’ lurkng behind them. But King Obama could do NO wrong, however much he sidestep Constitutional boundaries to his power.

Did you now there WAS a time when reporters had to DIG UP stories? Interview people? Do research? Has anyone prevented you from doing that?

No. You’d rather run stories about Russian hookers that a few minutes of fact-checking can disprove. And then whine when you are called out as frauds.

Jake, since you are looking for words for things, there is a word for what YOU are doing. It’s called ‘butthurt’. Grow up. Your venom is showing.

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