WHY THEY RIOT: Those Smash-And-Burn Thugs Were TRAINED To Do It

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on February 7, 2017

“To tolerate everything is to respect nothing.” — Rabbi Shraga Silverstein

Take a look around. Take a good look, if you can stomach it. What you will see is America in thrall to institutionalized, politically correct insanity. “Entertainment”/sports figures, elected officials, crony corporate interests, an all-but universally partisan media, and, arguably, worst of all, a large portion of the nation’s youth, warped into mindless, useless dullards after a lifetime of such indoctrination. Although each component is driven by different motivations they are grounded in Leftist ideology. While these voices are not the majority, they are inextricably intertwined and, inarguably, they are in possession of the public megaphone. They are relentless in pursuit of regaining their power over a country that has rejected their creed and is sick to death of the destruction they have inflicted. The unceasing, deafening drumbeat by these dogmatic elements is designed to dishearten and destroy any opposition.

The dirty little secret, of course, is that this Progressive ideology, a dangerously proven failure everywhere it has ever been tried, couldn’t have gotten traction without our implied consent. Conflating unconditional tolerance for reasoned discrimination was our mistake. But this lemming-like march to oblivion can be halted. It began, with the election of President Donald J. Trump. For our own sake, we cannot permit our involvement to end there.

A disturbingly large segment of an entire generation has been deformed into cowardly, infantile limpets on society, too torpid to ever be, or want to be productive and too ignorant to understand the actual meaning of the invective they hurl, with pompous abandon, at anyone who disagrees with their Orwellian, “Minute-of-Hate” rhetoric. It is what they have instead of reasoned argument; volume. And why should they try to reason or justify anything? They have been “empowered.” Coddled and sheltered from life’s realities, from the cradle, facts have become nothing more than irrelevant annoyances. They have been taught to believe that because they occupy space, the delusional outcomes they desire are the same thing as reality. Participation awards instead of a drive to win, to achieve success.

College has become nothing more than an exercise in reverting to the fetal state. They are never challenged, they are offered only a homogeneous point of view and have been bred on a consistency of Right-Think such as Stalin would have envied. They “feel” things and that is sufficient. Critical thinking never enters into it. They shriek “Fascist!” and “Nazi!” behind the anonymity of masks (apparently they are capable of learning something, even if only terrorist tactics). They assault others, they incite violence, and they wreak destruction, all the while invoking their First Amendment rights.

It never occurs to them that they are actively shredding those same rights every time they accuse others of “violence,” just for having the gall to exercise free speech or even a desire to attend an entertainment they don’t approve of. All without a shred of evidence or justification. They don’t require facts and never have the need to justify their inanity with reasoned arguments.

They have the right to commit whatever atrocity upon others they wish. After all, they asked for it. Just like Germany blamed Poland for invading Poland during WWII. They are too unjustifiably certain of their dogma to recognize the humiliating irony: they are the Fascists and Brown Shirts, not the victims of their shattering hypocrisy. But such is the sense of entitlement so lovingly instilled in them by misguided parenting and an “educational” system that long ago abandoned any pretense of educating.

The latter is no accident; the Left hijacked education almost 100 years ago. Our youth has been trained to buy its own press, from kindergarten through looming middle age in graduate school. “Educators” don’t teach how to think but what to think. So, now, many students are virtually incapable of it. And why should they have to think? Witness the disgraceful spectacles at both Berkeley and NYU, all because of two guest speakers. Both riots were instigated by and participated in by “Professors”, not only hurling obscene, senseless vitriol, but physical abuse as well.

The young have been turned into the useful idiots of the Left. Their outrage is, literally, for sale to such as George Soros. They can probably cite Justin Bieber’s daily caloric intake but cannot even identify whose picture appears on the five-dollar bill.

This is not universally the case but it is a large enough segment of the demographic to matter. This ideological travesty, this deliberate retardation of our youth is important because it represents the future of America. In the short term, anarchy must be shut down, every time it rears its head. In the long term, this Leftist death grip must be reversed through revising the educational system by substituting genuine education for ideological indoctrination and restoring freedom of speech. For everyone.

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Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.