SOROS’ BOYS: These ‘MAJOR’ GOP Leaders Were PIMPED By Georgie Boy In 2016

Published on February 7, 2017

Suddenly.. their records are making a LOT more sense.

Why would a Billionaire Left-wing extremist want to bankroll ANY Republicans, let alone the ‘major’ ones?

That is a question a lot of Conservatives will have on our minds right now.

Think ‘drain the swamp’.

The Billionaire — obviously — is George Soros. Chronic corruptor and underminer of all things American and Democratic. He’s not even trying to be subtle about it. This is a barefaced attempt to use his wealth to control America. (Which in turn lets him control American policy, and make a KILLING… like influencing and environmental lobbies, and Democrats to cripple the Coal industry (in the name of ‘Environmentalism’) while Soros quietly bought up large portions of shares in Coal companies for future profit.

So he can have more wealth. So he can have more influence. So he can have more wealth.

See how this works? There’s absolutely NOTHING ‘philanthropic’ about the Democrats’ biggest ‘SugarDaddy’.

Which brings us back to the original question: why would he use his money to prop up Republicans?

Think ‘hedging your bets’.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Among Senate Republicans, we see that ‘Soros Fund Management’ gave the following amounts:


Among House Republicans, we see the following amounts:


Because context matters, here is the first part of the list involving BOTH parties:


Notice that there are only four Democrats who have been given more money than what they gave to Ryan. (He is tied with 6 other people in 5th place on the list at $10,800… including Chuck Schumer)

Lindsey Graham, at $3,500, has roughly the same as what Dem VP pick Tim Kayne was given.

And others so on down the list.

There is only one reason a Hardline Leftist would fund a Conservative — Influence.

Either he IS influencing, or he HOPES he might influence the Republicans to whom he is giving money.

And when lifelong politicians are forever keeping one eye on the next election, could THIS explain why the GOP could NOT put up an organized resistance to Obama’s overreach?

Were they divided because they were financially influenced from within?

You know, like this relevant news story: GOP Senators opposing DeVos are well funded by teachers unions

Is it possible that Donations were a lever used (or attempted in) corrupting the very Tea Party candidates that were sent to drain that swamp?

If yes, that should help us determine what our next steps in targeting undue political influence. (If our politicians’ principles outweighs their addiction to revenue streams.)

It will also make us look carefully at political decisions — past or present — where Republican candidates ‘cross the aisle’ and join with proposals that are more leftist than conservative.

Where it looks like they HAVE been bought? We owe them no loyalty, and should put forward a strong opponent in the Primaries.

It’s time to let the GOP ‘insiders’ know that We The People are keeping them on a short leash.

Whatever ELSE it means, Making America Great Again absolutely includes making our Representatives accountable to the people again.

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