WATCH: DEM Senator Calls For ‘Fighting In The Streets’ To OPPOSE President Trump

Published on February 3, 2017

If Trump used the same phrase, Joe would be calling it ‘Martial Law’.

‘Morning Joe’ had Tim Kayne on his show. As the interview played out you could see that the interviewers were keenly interested in what he’d do to rebuild the Democrat brand. You might almost say ‘invested’.

The topic of the protests came up.

Tim tripped over calling it grassroots. Probably because he knows his buddy’s dad (George Soros) was REALLY behind it all. But he’s excited.

These protests are Part of his strategy of ‘rebuilding the Democrat brand’. How nice.

(So long as people can still believe they are ‘spontaneous’.)

There is that little matter of calling it ‘fighting in the streets’.

Considering the fact that they are pepper-spraying political rivals…

Burning limos…

Smashing Starbucks… (again and again and again. C’mon, really — where will the hipsters hang when the protest is over?)

Setting generators on fire…

KO’ing Pastors for counter-protesting peacefully…

It really sounds like you are ENDORSING this behavior, and even calling it part of your movement.

And to think, you came *this* close to being a heartbeat away from the most powerful job in the country… or the world.

And THIS is the Democrats’ latest attitude toward the duly elected government?

In that case, why should America continue to trust ANY of you with political power?

Share if it sounds like Tim LIKES these violent protests.

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