WATCH: Melania Opens Rally With LORD’S PRAYER – Liberal Tinkerpots FLIP OUT

Published on February 19, 2017

They hate Melania. They hate public prayer. So THIS was TOO MUCH.

President Trump opened his rally with the Lord’s Prayer.

And Melania was the one to lead it:

Horror of horrors!


In public!

Cue the outrage!

What did her critics have to say about it?

That was just a small sampling.

Basically some combination of…

– religion sucks.


– she sucks because she had to read it from notes.


how dare they use Religion for a rally of (racist/fascist/ whatever-else-ist).

Well, SOMEONE is paying attention and called the Dems out on it:

The people who call out Melania for not knowing the Lord’s Prayer well enough to say it from memory when ‘everybody’ knows it, have forgotten a few things.

First — she’s standing in front of a crowd, and is not a natural public speaker.

Second — she’s not a native English speaker. I know people who could recite it in Hindi, French or Spanish who would NOT be able to recite it in English.

Third — she is from SLOVENIA… a COMMUNIST state. It’s not like communist states had a rich history of reciting the Lords’ Prayer in school.

Fourth — even Priests commonly READ their liturgy, even though they’ve memorized it, so that they do not make mistakes and become a distraction with their errors.

All that being said, she DID open the rally with prayer.

It was refreshing to see.

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