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2 Of Obama’s ‘DREAMERS’ Charged In The ‘SATANIC’ Slaying Of Texas Girl

Will Democrats still think demonic endorsements of their values are ‘cool’ after they see THIS story?

Remember that Nasty Woman march and the Satanists who joined in protesting Trump? We do.

Remember the witches who were going to invoke demons and anyone else they could think of to oppose Trump? If you missed it, here’s a reminder.

Liberals might want to choose their friends more carefully. These guys had a shrine to the devil. (And they lived like him, too. Just ask the victim that actually survived.)

Watch the ABC 13 News report:

What do we have here? It’s a Democrat dream.

Immigrants from El Salvador. ‘Troubled teens’. Drug use. Sex.

Scratch that. They weren’t Immigrants.

They were ILLEGAL immigrants. The Dem’s FAVORITE kind of foreigners.

So what did these dear ‘dreamers’ do?

These teenage gang-bangers were filmed laughing and hamming for the camera in court.

What landed them in court? They kidnapped some teenage girls (one was fourteen), imprisoned them and raped them repeatedly over the course of weeks. They did these things while worshipping at a demonic shrine in the apartment.

Oh. And when they were finished with one of the girls, they shot and killed her.

So they laughed about it in court.

In case you were wondering, THESE gang-bangers are the ‘bad ones’ that Trump is trying to throw out of the country.

Who knows… if they’d been dealt with before, maybe she’d still be alive today.

Share if we NEED to start throwing these guys out of the country.

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