30M VIEWS: Powerful Video Of The BS This Girl Fought Through For FREEDOM

Published on March 13, 2017

Live Free Or Die? It’s not just a state motto. It’s this courageous girl’s life story.

‘I thought only the stars were with us.’

Why do we go on and on about freedom?

THIS young woman ‘gets it’.

Why her friend’s mom was publicly executed for something we do every day?

What a world without free expression looks like?

What she had to do in secret at 3 a.m., without betraying herself with her tears?

What her mother had to endure to protect her?

The harrowing trip on foot across a desert desperately relying on a compass to guide them, until even THAT stopped working.

What she tell us they were prepared to do if they were sent back to North Korea?

We talk about freedom. But do we REALLY appreciate it?

This young woman certainly does.

We keep hearing horror stories about how American leaders are becoming dictators. Stories like hers snap that hyperbole back into proper perspective.

Watch this video, but keep some tissues handy. You know — just in case.

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