MEDIA BIAS: Which Is REAL News — Islamic Terrorism or ‘Transgenders’ Being Murdered?

Written by Paul Hair on March 27, 2017

Khalid Masood murdered at least four people in London on March 22 in the latest Islamic terrorist attack. But if you listen to the Ruling Class, you might not be all that concerned with it. Instead, you might believe that our top national security threat is so-called transgenders being murdered.

Ken Dilanian is an intelligence and national security reporter for NBC News. On the day of Masood’s attack he tweeted that, “I know it’s a big story, but every time we freak out about a small-bore terror attack we play into their hands.”

Dilanian did not say that Islamic terrorism is not a concern. But he did suggest that we shouldn’t “freak out” about “small-bore terror attack[s].” That’s a mindset that many in the Ruling Class share.

Now compare that thought with how the Ruling Class views the murders of people pretending to be the opposite sex. Do a quick web search with the terms “transgender murder crisis.” Below are just a few of the results you will find.

• “Anti-transgender violence crisis: Murders on the rise” [People’s World (CPUSA), 2015]
• “Why Transgender People Are Being Murdered at a Historic Rate” (Time, 2015)
• “The murders of trans people are a crisis we can’t ignore” (Fusion, 2017)
• “Why Have There Been So Many Trans Murders This Year?” (The Daily Beast, 2017)
• “Transgender Murder Statistics Show Why ‘Protect Trans Women’ Day Is Necessary” (Newsweek, 2017)

Are such headlines and stories “freaking out” over, at best, a “small-bore” problem? In fact, why are there any stories at all on this issue? Does anyone really believe there is a crisis involving people running around and killing people disguised as something they are not?

So which is a bigger concern to the Ruling Class? Islamic terrorism or the murders of people pretending to be of the opposite sex? Which do you view as the bigger threat?

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