BLONDE TO THE BONE: Glenn Beck’s ‘Conservative Star’, Tomi Lahren, Explains WHY She’s PRO-ABORTION

Published on March 19, 2017

Hint: she thinks WE should be too, based on our principles.

Or maybe she just doesn’t quite ‘get’ our principles.

Here she is on the View:

And after saying this? You can guess what happened on Twitter:


Yeah. You could put it like that. *It* DID hit the fan.

You need to go out and speak to Republican women about that. — Says Joy Behar.

Pro-Tip: Anytime Joy Behar agrees with you — about anything including the sky being blue — and the cast of the View are smiling, stop talking and check to see what Faustian Contract you just signed. Because most likely? It’s bad.

Tomi is smiling her big-ass smile. Possibly thinking she’s just check-mated her libertarian friends into accepting the ‘watertight logic’ of her argument.

Nope. That was the first click of a shackle the Left was locking you down with. You don’t even KNOW what you did to your own credibility in that one interview.

There were a LOT of conservatives out there that kinda liked you. Were pulling for you, even. And then you got stupid.

Suddenly, none of the other interview matters. Just this colossal screw-up.

It’s bad when even Glen Beck is throwing her under the bus. It looks like that’s what he meant by the following tweet on the same day.

Life. All caps.

That would be called a REBUKE. Where does the LIFE of the unborn being ‘disposable’ show up in that ‘Constutional’ (sic) document of yours?

That one cut off into a link. Here’s the text:

@TomiLahren u really screwed over the #ProLife movement @TheView & we’ve been making such progress. I hope u look into this & retract asap

Isn’t that a kick in the ass? We will make our case for life, and they’ll just answer ‘not all conservatives agree with you.’

You gave them EXACTLY what they wanted. A ‘get out of rational discourse free card’. They can trot out this little clip, and pretend like that invalidates our entire argument.

You just made it HARDER to make the case for Life. And you’re too thick to even ‘get’ that.

It goes on and on. She replied:

‘My truth’?

That’s a curious phrase to use for someone who claims to believe in absolutes. Here we come to the crux of the issue:

Yes, Tomi you do. You just think there should be an exemption for murder if the victim is still in utero.

If someone beat a cat to death with a shovel, you would think it was the government’s place to dictate.

If someone beat a TODDLER to death with that same shovel, you would ABSOLUTELY think it was the government’s place.

If someone left a born-alive infant to die in a truck stop garbage can? You would think it was the government’s place then, too.

But do the same thing with a doctor’s blessing, and suddenly it’s ok. Babies only get rights after they leave the uterus? Is that it?

The SECOND you acknowledge that the baby is a uniquely human life, and that killing it is murder, you IMMEDIATELY take the option of KILLING that life off the table. Period. Full stop. No questions.

In a murder trial, the question isn’t even ‘did the government pay the hit man’?

The question is, ‘did someone MURDER another person’?

If you can say this about abortion? You REALLY haven’t even BEGUN to understand the things that make someone pro-life.

That, or you know someone who had one and you’re afraid to speak unpleasant and very personal truths about that decision.

Truth doesn’t care about feelings. Not even Tomi’s.

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