EXPOSED: Social Media Reveals How Liberals Act When They Think No One Is Looking

Written by Andrew Allen on March 20, 2017

The best thing about social media is that it gives the left a stage to really, truly, be who they are.

You see, the liberals you see on television or hear in radio interviews are scripted, stage-managed caricatures of themselves. In such forums, liberals fart fairy dust and babble about sunshine, ponies, and butter, because that’s the sales pitch. No different than that hefty gent named Buzz down at the local used car lot that promises he can put you in that “slightly used” Buick because “you oh so need it”.

When Buzz goes home, the friendly visage comes off and gets stuffed away into the closet ready to be worn with tomorrow’s suit. Then real Buzz comes out. The one that doesn’t fart fairy dust and could just as easily smash a fist through your teeth rather than try and sell you a car.

Social media is where liberals take off their friendly mask and reveal who they really are. Who are they?

I’ve written before about encountering liberals who openly told racist jokes, not knowing that I wasn’t one of their comrades. Go on social media. There, you can find liberals behaving in the most disgustingly racist ways. For example, “black people smell bad”.

Imagine if a conservative made that comment. At least three police cars in Berkeley would burn. In the minutes before I started writing this I stumbled across a comment on one of my Facebook “friends” status that essentially said “black people smell bad.” It was written by a liberal for a liberal and no doubt the two of them thought it was terribly funny. (I know one of them would have; one of the two after all is a Facebook “friend” of mine and she’s a steady fountain of leftist talking points.)

There are no greater haters of women than liberals. To me, the worst manifestation of an anti-woman mindset is rape. You’d really have to hate women to do that to one of them. Guess where you can find jokes about rape? Hint, social media. Guess who makes those jokes? Hint, during the 2016 election they were either feeling the Bern or were with her.

The left detests the LGBT crowd. That’s my conclusion anyway after reading memes and all the rest that, if posted by Milo Yiannopoulos, would have caused liberals to go to Barack Obama’s Organizing for America website and apply to become paid street rioters – or maybe they’d just throw a brick through a storefront in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood (see item about racism above.)

Do a Google search on “Ayatollah Khomeini”. It isn’t hard to find video clips of Iranian zealots willing to die in order to satisfy Khomeini’s Islamic revolution. Then, look at any recent demonstration held by the left. Where Khomeini’s followers worshipped Allah via the Islamic faith, today’s liberals worship the state via their progressive ideology. Want proof? Go to social media and read the left’s own memes. Both Khomeini’s and Obama’s minions are equally rabid.

That’s Only the Start
Check out the social media of your liberal associates. You have a few. That relative that drives the Prius to Christmas at Grandma’s and sees nothing wrong with stealing Grandma’s electricity to recharge the batteries – after all, don’t most liberals plug their electric cars into outlets in parking garages and the like? – and then curls up in PJ’s with a cup of warm cocoa before trying to get everyone to talk about healthcare. That old high school buddy that went to college and graduated with a BS in going off the deep end. Or someone at work you “friended” because hey, you are a nice person. Take a look at their social media feed and learn exactly who the left really is.

photo credit: Gwenaël Piaser Tristan via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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