BOOM! Trump Fires Off 4 MUST READ Tweets About Dems’ INSANITY Over Sessions

Published on March 3, 2017

FINALLY, the Media (D) is being called out for their hit pieces.

Funny thing about Twitter. The media hate it because they can’t misquote it, suppress it, ignore it, or take it out of context.

It’s immediately part or the public record.

And for someone with a Social media presence like President Trump’s? There is NO silencing him.

So when they carefully ignore the Obama Administration’s frequent contacts with the Russian Ambassador, when they fail to report Obama’s sabotaging of the ‘Peaceful Transition’ of Power, and you go looking for a hit piece, it’s important that you ignore any part of context that might explain or exhonorate him.

Trump isn’t letting them get away with it:

Check out the tweets:

The question asked by Senator Al ‘Stewart Smalley’ Franken specifically asked about connections between the Trump campaign generally and the Russians specifically.

(Is Senator Franken SURE he wants to open up that pandora’s box about ‘election tampering‘? Becuase his OWN election left us asking a few questions.)

It was not a question that asked whether he — in any capacity, either as a Trump advisor OR in his ordinary duties as a State Senator — had any contact with the Russian Ambassador. Becuase he did. It’s part of his job. It’s not like he was the only one meeting the ambassador either.

There’s a photo of Chuck Schumer hanging out with Vladimir Putin. Does that discredit Him and his party, now, too? Or does it just make Schumer look like an opportunistic liar?

And Feinstein might AlSO want to pour herself a steaming cup of shut up.

Or maybe something stronger, now that she’s busted.


Maybe Franken’s ‘Lying Liars’ book should have been written as an autobiography, instead. Or possibly as a history of his OWN party.

You know, glass houses and all that.

Share if all this political posturing is past ridiculous.

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