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BOSTON STRONG? Woman, 49, Strangled At HOME By Illegal Alien With Criminal Past

Trump Promised victims in Sanctuary Cities a V.O.I.C.E. Meet ONE such victim.

This was the entire point of The “Office of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement”

An illegal immigrant is alleged to have strangled a 49-year-old woman to death inside her home in the Boston suburb of Worcester, Massachusetts earlier this month.

The Worcester district attorney’s office said it obtained DNA evidence which links Jose Melendez, 54, to the crime.
Melendez, who was arrested last week, has a history of run-ins with law enforcement.
He reportedly defaulted on probation in 2014 in a breaking and entering case, and he also faces charges in two drug cases in Worcester.

Hehir was a beloved middle school teacher’s aide at one of Worcester’s area public schools.

Sanctuary city?

The Boston mayor — Marty Walsh — has pledged to defy Trump, and continue as a Sanctuary City.

Maybe he can visit the victim’s friends and relatives to explain his ‘moral high ground’ on teh issue of illegal aliens to those who may not be as ‘enlightened’ on this topic as he pretends to be.

Boston is considered one of a number of so-called sanctuary cities, counties, and states, which do not cooperate with federal efforts to detain or deport undocumented immigrants. Advocates of the policy point to research showing that immigrants, both documented and undocumented, are less likely to report crimes or cooperate with law enforcement is they fear being questioned about their legal status.

“We will continue to foster trusting relationship between law enforcement and the immigrant community, and we will not waste vital police resources on misguided federal actions,” Walsh said Wednesday. —Boston

If he had been deported when charged with crimes before — supposing border security had kept him from returning — Sandra Hehir would still be alive and teaching today.

But the Boston Mayor has drawn his line in the sand on this issue. And he’s clearly not standing with Sandra.

Share if Sandra deserved better laws better protection and a better mayor.

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