LMAO: Guess Which STARRING Role Streep’s Trump-Hating Rant COST Her?

Written by K. Walker on March 25, 2017

Remember when Meryl Streep cried in her Golden Globe rant against President Trump? She’s going to cry again…

According to Radar Online, there is a new movie being made about Hillary Clinton, and it was down to Meryl Streep and Glenn Close to play the lead.

When Meryl made her now famous anti-Trump Golden Globe rant, the producers decided to go with Glenn Close, rather than uber-political Streep.

Hillary’s going to be disappointed. Back in November 2015, E! News reported:

If democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had any say in who played her in a movie, she knows exactly who she would pick. So, who is Hillary’s Choice?

None other than 19-time Oscar nominee Meryl Streep!

During a hot seat round of questioning on Live with Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan posed a series of personal questions to the new grandmother—one of them being who she would elect to portray her in a film about her life.

“Well, Meryl Streep, of course,” she answered with little hesitation. It’s a perfect choice, considering it would be fitting to have one of Hollywood’s greatest players portray an equally iconic political force.
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“Glenn and Meryl [Streep]‘s names were both mentioned a lot but after Meryl got so political at the Golden Globes, producers thought it might be better to go with Close,” sources said.
Read more: Radar Online


Yes, it’s shocking that they’re making a movie about Hillary.

Who the hell is going to play Bill?

Dude looks like the Walking Dead these days…

Perhaps it’s just another way for Hillary to flop.

Would you go see the movie?

Let us know in the comments.

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