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BREAKING: Trump Calls For Clintons To Be INVESTIGATED For THEIR Russian Connections

President Trump’s tweets have been making the Media (D) heads explode. And these tweets were doozies.

Check out his tweets:

‘Why isn’t the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech…,’ the president tweeted on Monday night, before finishing his thought with a second post.

‘…money to Bill, the Hillary Russian “reset,” praise of Russia by Hillary, or Podesta Russian Company. Trump Russia story is a hoax.’

But of course, the ‘Fact Checkers’ disagreed with President Trump and called his statements false.

ClashDaily has reported on these ‘Fact Checkers’ here.

Snopes, in particular, is pretty sketchy.

However, Trump’s statement was discredited by a number of fact-checking outlets, including Politifact.

The website reported what was sold to Russia was a number of mines, mills and tracts of land in a number of states – including Utah and Wyoming – that ‘equate to about 20 per cent of US uranium production capacity’, but not physical uranium.

Trump’s suggestion that Clinton’s State Department approved the sale [of US uranium mines] in order for the Clinton Foundation to benefit financially was deemed false by the fact checkers, as no evidence of a ‘quid pro quo’ existed. and Snopes reached similar conclusions.
Read more: Daily Mail

So, let’s focus on the accuracy of the 140 character missive rather than the perceived misconduct by the Clintons.

But that’s nothing new.

Democrats get a pass — it comes free with the (D) after their name.

ClashDaily has published numerous articles with Clintons and Russia.

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Perhaps it’s just me, but selling 20 percent of US production capacity to the Russians is still problematic.

The Democrats are now saying that the Russians can’t be trusted.

What happened to the ‘Russian Reset’ that Obama and Hillary pushed?

They had encouraged US-Russian business, and some Democrats — like John Podesta and his family — did conduct business with Russia. But when a Republican does it? Whoa! That’s NEWS. Podesta’s questionable behavior while he had close ties to the Clintons? That’s nothing.

Obama’s ‘flexibility’ chat with Medvedev?

Pshaw! That’s nothing — just negotiating Missile Defense with the Russians.

We can parse the President’s tweets, but there does seem to be some some ‘there’ there.

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