WATCH: Leftists HATE This Painting And DEMAND It Be Destroyed

Written by K. Walker on March 28, 2017

Say WHAT? Artist is denounced by blacks for making art sympathetic to victims of police brutality.

Who is the leading source of censorship now? If you guessed the militant left, you’re right!

An artist painted ‘Open Casket’ to bring attention to a young man beaten to death by police in 1955. Apparently, she wasn’t black enough to paint it.

People aren’t asking the artist to merely withdraw it, or attach an explanation or any other such thing.

They are demanding that the museum DESTROY it. Becuase their hurt feelings are more important than — and take priority over — her art. (Where was this argument when a crucifix was dropped into a jar of urine? It was universally REJECTED by the art community as censorship.)

They are taking it even farther than that. They want to forbid anyone else from hanging or displaying it, whether as an exhibit at a museum or for sale.

It wasn’t that long ago when the left called Religious people stick-in-the-mud fundamentalists.

Turns out Secular Fundamentalism isn’t any better.

But this video puts it in perspective better than any 900 word written piece EVER could.

The left are becoming EVERYTHING they’ve always pretended to hate. They are becoming the villains they themselves long warned us against. Orwell’s 1984; Farenheit 451; even Kevin Bacon’s ‘Footloose‘. They are all that and more, rolled into one.

She says it so perfectly, it’s worth seeing in her own words. Watch:

When the Left sees exactly WHO this reporter compares them to (one is bad, the other is worse, and I leave it to our readers to decide which is which) and BACKS UP her claims with historical footage and quotes, they are going to be stunned speechless.

Unless they keep putting their hands on their ears like they usually do…


It wouldn’t be the first time.

Yo, ‘Regressive’ Leftist Free-Speech Haters. If dissenting opinions ‘offend’ you, it means you need to grow a pair. And broaden your horizons.

That ‘journey of a thousand miles’? It starts here:’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles addresses our nation’s abysmal wussification in his NEW book …

The Effeminization Of The American Male
by Doug Giles

Doug Giles, best-selling author of Raising Righteous And Rowdy Girls and Editor-In-Chief of the mega-blog,, has just penned a book he guarantees will kick hipster males into the rarefied air of masculinity.

That is, if the man-child will put down his frappuccino; shut the hell up and listen and obey everything he instructs them to do in his timely and tornadic tome.

In The Effeminization Of The American Male, Giles takes ‘Crispin’ from the unaccomplished, prissy and dank corridors of ‘Wussville’ up the steep, treacherous and unforgiving trail that leads to ‘Mantown.’

“Secretly, everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a p*ssy generation.” – Clint Eastwood

This is definitely one of the most politically incorrect books to ever hit the market.

It will most certainly offend the entitled whiners, but it will also be a breath of fresh air to young males who wish to be men versus hipster dandies.

Buy Now: The Effeminization Of The American Male

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.24.46 AM

Doug Giles, Creator of and author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, The Effeminization Of The American Male, has created a coloring book just for the fragile little college snowflakes.

A Coloring Book for College Crybabies

Check this out from’s product description …

Dear College Student:

Here’s a coloring book just for you! We know you’re angry that Trump got elected so we’re here to help exorcise your devils and give you some much-needed relief through coloring.

If you haven’t ever colored before, here are some tips to help you draw a pretty picture that you can cherish for years to come.

It’s pretty simple. Just try to stay inside the lines. That’s it. Have fun and use all your crayons. Make your Mommy and Daddy proud. Hell, who knows … they might even put it on their refrigerator for all your friends and relatives to see!

God bless you, little Tinkerpot.

Your Friend,
Doug Giles

Doug tells us his new coloring book ‘is very offensive, will definitely melt snowflakes, and God & Country lovin’ Americans will howl with laughter over its contents’

If you hate America’s WUSSIFICATION of young people you’ll LOVE Giles’ new coloring book and of course his best-seller, The Effeminization Of The American Male.

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