BRUTAL: Colbert RIDICULES Maddow’s Trump Tax – Even Other Liberals LOATHE Her (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 16, 2017

When the Left mocks the Left, it is a beautiful thing.

Rachel Maddow has been in the crosshairs of conservatives all over social media for hyping a story about Trump’s taxes from 12 years ago that turned out to be… nothing.

Donald Trump Jr. took to social media to mock the MSNBC anchor.

But it’s not just conservatives that are making fun of her.

Steven Colbert did an actually pretty funny bit on the Late show.

Maybe that’s the bombshell. Colbert is funny again.

Thanks, Rachel Maddow!

The late shows had their round at MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Wednesday, one day after the cable news presenter revealed information from President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns on her own evening show.

Maddow’s report on the authenticated tax returns marked the most recent tax information available on Trump, who unlike every president for decades has refused to release his tax returns.

The return, sent anonymously to a journalist friend of Maddow’s showed that Trump paid $38million in federal tax on $150million in income for 2005.

Despite the substantive revelation, Maddow drew criticism from many quarters over her splashy, highly hyped presentation of the tax info, which followed several teaser tweets on Tuesday and a lengthy preamble once her show began.

Even the brass at NBC News, the network cousin of Maddow’s cable channel MSNBC, were reportedly peeved.

The source went on to join criticism of Maddow for the lengthy monologue she delivered before finally revealing the relatively straightforward details in the 2005 return.

‘To hype such a big story and not really deliver is a bit embarrassing. Airing a story you’ve hyped 20 minutes into your broadcast makes it a lot less of a ‘breaking news’ story.’
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Rachel Maddow appeared on The Tonight Show last night to make excuses for the embarrassment of her Big Trump Tax Return Scoop.

She explains the lengths that MSNBC went to publish the exclusive.

First, there was Maddow’s tweet once the two measly pages were verified as real.

Then, MSNBC put up a countdown clock.

The Media (D) was giddy with the ‘bombshell revelations’ that were to come.

Maddow had a long lead-up, and when she finally got to it, it turns out…


She admits her ‘Bombshell’ was actually a ‘nothingburger’.

She actually called it a ‘drop of water in the desert’.

Watch Rachel Maddow on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

President Trump said, ‘Fake News is the enemy of the American people’.

Case in point: Rachel Maddow.

Well done, Mr. President!

You have them eating their own.


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