CLASH POLL: Do YOU Miss Michelle Telling You HOW To Live?

Michelle was lecturing us for 8 years. Do YOU miss her?


Do you miss her ‘progressive’ moralizing?

The lectures to kids on healthy eating?

The I’m-finally-proud-to-be-an-American?

The racist suggestion that the White House was ‘built by slaves’.

The race-baiting.

The eye-rolls that she gave over John Boehner’s banter with Barry at the Inaugural Luncheon.

Her fondness for intersectional feminism.

Or do you feel more like this:


Or maybe you feel like I do.

After 500 yards of the worst-smelling filth you can imagine 8 years of being lectured by Michelle about everything…

I’m finally free!


How do you feel?

Let us know in the comments.

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