DEAR FBI: Snoop Dog Pretends To ASSASSINATE Trump In Latest Video – Is THAT Legal?

Written by K. Walker on March 13, 2017

Snoop Dogg gets away with a lot… you can add this one to the ever-growing list.

ClashDaily believes in the freedom of speech.

It is a hallmark of a free society.

And with that freedom, comes the freedom to critique speech.

There is this wee little caveat about inciting violence, though.

Snoop Dogg can say what he wants in his songs, but pretending to assassinate the President?

That’s not free speech.

That should be investigated.

Let’s play the little reversal game:

If a white, country star did the same with Obama, he’d be getting a visit from all 17 of those security agencies.

Heck, probably even the Coast Guard would be banging down his door.

Because… ‘Hate Crime’.

There would be riots and boycotts, women wearing pink hats, racially-motivated protests… just utter mayhem.

Why would it be a hate crime if it’s a white guy pretending to shoot a (half-)black President, but not a crime at all if a black guy pretends to kill a white President?

It’s all so mysterious.

In reality, Snoop Dogg knows where his bread is buttered, and he’s just riding the anti-Trump wave all the way to the bank.

He uses the clown imagery and even rips-off the success of ‘Suicide Squad’ with a couple of Harley Quinn wannabes.

Maybe Snoop hates the President.

Maybe he’s just cashing in on the hate from certain left-leaning demographics.

His reasons don’t matter, though.

What does matter is that there is a rabid, anti-Trump bias out there and Snoop Dogg is adding fuel to the fire.

If you don’t want to watch the video, (which I understand — it’s REALLY terrible,) here are a couple of screenshots:





Here is Snoop Dogg’s new anti-police, anti-Trump video: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

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Because #LoveTrumpsHate


What do you think of Snoop Dogg’s new video?

The security agencies don’t seem to have the President’s back these days, especially with the leaks coming out of Washington.

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