‘DAY WITHOUT A WOMAN’: Just Another Radical Leftist Snorefest

Written by Teri O'Brien on March 9, 2017

I had better get this column written today because I have been advised that on tomorrow, Wednesday, March 8, I am supposed to be on strike to celebrate something called “International Women’s Day.” I’m not sure exactly what that is. In my house, as the Husband will confirm, every day is Women’s Day and every year is the Year of the Woman, or one specific woman; that is, me. That is a fact, despite my lack of a knitted, pink cap with kitty cat ears, a burning core of rage stoked by an unrelenting sense of grievance about the “trampling” of my rights, and a propensity for being a “nasty woman”, screeching about my lady parts.

It’s called “A Day Without a Woman.” No, not Saturday (Or any other day) at Neil Patrick Harris’ house. That’s what they call the strike. Women who don’t want to be gender traitors are supposed to avoid working, shopping and otherwise participating in this evil patriarchal society.

Here’s the really shocking part. It turns out that this whole routine has NOTHING to do with “women’s rights”. Once again, the whole woman thing is just another failed attempt to cover up another leftist whine fest.

From The Washington Times:

It’s being billed as “A Day Without a Woman,” but apparently only pro-union, pro-choice, anti-Israel women who can afford to skip work need apply.
The one-day “general strike” is coming under fire from the right and the left for its mixed political messages, as well as the havoc caused by the closure of some schools Wednesday driven by anticipated staff absences.

At least two large school districts — Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools in North Carolina — have announced that they will close in anticipation of hundreds of staff absences, igniting a backlash from parents.

A possible reason for the absences? The U.S. protest is being led by the Women’s March on Washington, whose partners include the nation’s two largest teachers’ unions — the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, an arm of the AFL-CIO. …

Then there’s the Israel angle. Among the international organizers is Rasmea Yousef Odeh, a Palestinian activist who was convicted in a 1969 Jerusalem terrorist bombing that left two Israeli men dead and was released 10 years later as part of a prisoner exchange.

“So, here we are in 2017 and a convicted terrorist who murdered two people with impunity (even Odeh’s cousin confirmed in a documentary that she was responsible for the attack) is a leading figure in the contemporary women’s movement,” said Willem Hart in an op-ed on the B’nai B’rith Canada website.

He pointed to the prominent role in the Women’s March in January played by Linda Sarsour, an outspoken advocate of Shariah law and the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement.

“And, just as Linda Sarsour’s political agenda was given credence in January, not to mention landing an audience of millions of people, now yet another vehemently anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic ‘activist’ will be given a platform to spew her radical ideologies,” Mr. Hart wrote.

This strike is going to have to do without this woman, and I suspect many others, who like me, long ago recognized “feminism” for what it is: just another branch of modern Leftism, in which women are just another mascot group to be used for leverage to usher in the glorious socialist utopia that is always over the horizon.

You babes who want to march around with your pink knit cops, carrying signs plastered with obscenities instead of going to work, knock yourselves out. The rest of us have a country to keep running, which we are in the process of making great again.

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