LIBERAL DOUBLE SPEAK: Left’s Lame NEW Take On Wire-Tapping Trump

Written by Andrew Allen on March 9, 2017

The emerging left-wing response regarding Obama’s wiretap of Trump Tower coming to a meme near you goes like this:
– Obama wiretapped Trump Tower to find damaging info.
– Obama said nothing about it.
– Obama let Trump win.
– Obama rode off into the sunset in post-Presidential retirement.

If liberals had any common sense, they’d stop and realize for this response to work they must agree that:
– Obama was the laziest President in American history, so lazy he couldn’t take a piece of information and use it on Hillary Clinton’s behalf.
– There was nothing found by the wiretaps to indicate collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

It also requires liberals to pretend that Obama has had no role in organizing the various and sundry anti-Trump protests that have gone on without relent since November 8, 2016. Let’s face it, Obama’s done anything but ride off quietly into the sunset. His own Organizing for America website openly and avidly posts job announcements for demonstrators.

Liberals lack common sense and they are the great pretenders when it suits them to be. So as they trot out their response in their mind the fact that Obama retired, Trump won, and nothing damaging ever emerged about the Trump campaign proves that Obama didn’t ask Attorney General Loretta Lynch to tap communications at Trump Tower.

Which doesn’t make sense.

Unless you are a liberal trying to bait and switch the argument. In this case, after months of telling us that Russia hacked the election and that the Trump campaign was hand in glove with Putin, only now are liberals going to tell us that not a peep of evidence indicates either occurred and for that reason it’s impossible Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

All the while we’re supposed to worry that Trump may turn America into a police state as the specter of Obama and Lynch ordering a wiretap (potentially without a court order under the provisions of 50 USC 1802) against a political opponent hovers over us all?

Useful idiots indeed!

photo credit: -Tripp- Music? via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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