DEAR AMERICA: Aren’t You Glad Melania’s Making America CLASSY Again?

Published on March 18, 2017

President Trump can upstage ANYONE in the media… except Melania. Melania upstages him.

It’s easy to see why the Left hates Melania.

The last office holders for FLOTUS that the Dems had were:



And her:


It must be a bitter pill to swallow when your reference point for classy First Ladies USED to look like THIS:


But that was the 1960s.

A lot of today’s Americans weren’t even BORN to see those days And now? Melania strolled into town.

Like Jackie, she doesn’t even seem to try. She seems blessed with Natural Grace and Charm.

People LOVE her. The comparisons to Jackie were obvious.


Right from Day One. Even the Liberal media couldn’t help but notice.



And here.


This must really suck for Democrats.

They’re suddenly outclassed both politically AND in fashion. No WONDER they’re so grumpy.

Thank God Mrs. Pantsuit didn’t take office. You just KNOW that the fashion industry would have followed her down THAT rat-hole.

It looks like Donald isn’t the ONLY Trump making America GREAT again!

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