WATCH: Matthews Says This Person’s ‘The BEST Leader’ And Finally PROVES He’s As DUMB As Rachel

What ‘sage wisdom’ can we expect from Mr. ‘Thrill Up My Leg’ This time?

You bet. It’s JUST as ‘unbaiased’ as that thrill up his leg. Or anyone ELSE on MSNBC.

Behold that true-Blue journalism… or was that ‘Blue State’?

Here is the incisive question he gets paid the big bucks to ask.

He can’t IMAGINE what Trump dislikes about how Merkel has been running Germany.

Hey Chris:


Is it REALLY a mystery?

Here’s a photo of Hillary sipping champagne with Merkel.


Like everyone ELSE Chris ‘Tingles’ Matthews throws his support behind, she’s a full-throated globalist.

Of course Matthews would love her.

That and also, Trump doesn’t like her.

If he wasn’t a fan before… that would have been enough.

Share if he’s challenging Maddow for Biggest CLOWN on MSNBC.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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