DEAR CNN: The Jack@ss That Made 8 BOMB Threats To Jewish Center Is A LIBERAL & A MUSLIM

Written by K. Walker on March 3, 2017

They’ve been DESPERATE to pin Trump with a racist tag. Did you know they were THIS desperate?

*update* — see update at end of article for one MORE thing we learned about him! *update*

There’s been a spike in racist attacks on Jewish cemeteries and community centers since Trump’s election. We’ve been told by the ‘reliable’ news networks that it was because Right-of-Center Anti-Semites have been emboldened by Trump taking office.

Obviously, they’ve not been paying attention to the news. Even BEFORE he was elected, we had some sense of where he stood on that issue. Does THIS ring any bells?


But their unfounded assumptions were not only ‘wildly inaccurate’, they were ENTIRELY and DEMONSTRABLY BACKWARDS.

The attacks were done not JUST by the LEFT.

They were done by a LEFTIST ‘JOURNALIST‘.

Trump himself was smashed over and over for suggesting that the threats might be coming from left-wing provocateurs attempting to cast a shadow on his administration.

He was widely mocked for such an assertion – pretty much everyone on the left assumed that the JCC threats had to be coming from Trump supporters, including The Intercept, a left-wing publication that headlined just two days ago, “Trump Can’t Accept That His Allies Are Targeting Jews – So He Blames His Opponents.”

It now turns out that the culprit, at one point, worked for…The Intercept.

On Friday, a Missouri man named Juan Thompson was arrested for making multiple threats to JCCs across the country in order to harass his ex-girlfriend. Thompson is suspected of being a copycat – of hearing about the JCC phone calls and then conducting his own campaign of phone terrorism. According to the FBI, Thompson dated a Jewish woman; after their relationship ended, he sent defamatory emails and faxes to the woman’s employer. He then stalked her. After that, he made “at least eight JCC Threats nationwide as part of his campaign” against his ex-girlfriend. He then tried to blame the woman in order to have her prosecuted; he tweeted, “Know any good lawyers? Need to stop this nasty/racist #whitegirl I dated who sent a bomb threat in my name & wants me to be raped in jail.”

Here’s what we know about Thompson: he’s a left-wing reporter who made up material while working at The Intercept. He was fired in February 2016 for fabricating quotes in his stories and creating “fake email accounts that he used to impersonate people,” one of which was a Gmail account in the name of the editor-in-chief of that publication. He says he “voted for Bernie Sanders.” Thompson, who is black, tweeted just weeks ago that Trump was attempting to “remove black ppl from the southside of Chicago.” —DailyWire

What’s that?

He’s Racist…

Bomb threats…

Fake news…

Are we REALLY surprised to see this from a leftist?

Not one bit.

*Update* in the LEAST surprising possible twist to this story we have learned that this anti-semite was ALSO a recent Muslim convert. (Is that a redundancy?)

What a charmer.


Why don’t the media like to talk about anti-Semite Muslims?

Is it too much like a ‘dog-bites-man’ story to be newsworthy?

Share if this is exactly the kind of ‘projection’ we’re used to from ‘credible’ journalists.

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