VIDEO: Pretty Blonde Makes TOO MUCH Sense On Islam & Immigration – Libs HATE Her

This young lady is not another pretty face. She’s just as smart as she is cute — that’s a whole lotta smart!

The left is going to despise the name, ‘Lauren Southern’.

Dave Rubin, whose video ‘Why I Left The Left‘ went viral, brought on Lauren Southern to his show, The Rubin Report, to talk about Islam, Immigration, and a whole lot of other issues.

Southern, is a Canadian (yes! I know it’s hard to believe!) and a staunch defender of free speech. She is a reporter for the conservative media outlet, Rebel Media. Southern is also the author of the awesomely-titled, Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation.

With two personalities like that, you know it’s going to be good.

Watch Southern shine:

This portion of the interview begins with Richard Spencer and the ‘white ethnostate’ idea. Southern dismisses the ‘ethnostate’, but the idea of nationalism, like Japan is a country for the Japanese people has some merit.

Rubin asks about the ‘rise of the Right’ worldwide, the view that they are racists, and the problems with immigration.

Southern asks difficult questions and gives concrete examples of how the open-door immigration policies in Europe are problematic and giving rise to the border-enforcing right-wing.

She also mocks Prime Minister Zoolander Trudeau and his ‘Diversity is our strength’ statement.

Rubin asks about Marine LePen and Geert Wilders being called ‘Far Right’ in the Media (D). Southern responds that the entire spectrum has shifted left, so everything that would have been centrist is now far right.

She talks borders, birth rates, and socialist benefits.

Her argument about birth rate is fascinating. She says that many millennials are choosing to not have children because they cannot afford it, but immigrants are coming in and using the welfare-state benefits provided by the native citizens to have more children. The result is that the birth rate for immigrants on social assistance is higher than the native citizens.

This is verifiably true, as Toronto, Canada has an ongoing issue with some in the Muslim community using the Welfare programs to fund multiple wives and a host of children.

She also discusses assimilation, and the lack thereof and how it affects the culture of the nation.

She’s a smart young lady!

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