DEAR GUN LOVERS: You’ll LOVE This INSANE $1,000 Gun Range Package

Not everyone wants a quiet beach vacation. Some people want to raise some Hell!

Here’s your chance!

This is Un — (DirtyWord) — Believable.


Imagine your dream day at the range. Someone brings a badass piece of hardware that you have NO way of owning yourself and they let you have some fun with it.

What’s your best-case scenario?

Is it BELT-fed? Because belt-fed IS an option in Vegas.

Or maybe you prefer to go for a nice drive? Something that can go off-road, maybe.

How about a TANK?

You don’t have to shell out for this civilian model that doesn’t get to have a turret. (As fun and speedy as that little beastie might be.)

You can hop into a real-deal M60A1 main battle tank. In fact…

Even if you don’t give a damn about the slots, the tables or the shows?

There’s Suddenly a reason that Vegas might be JUST the trip you’re looking for!

Share if that’s EXACTLY the kind of Vegas Vacation you’d want to take.

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