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DEAR IVANKA HATERS: Your Idiotic Ivanka Protests Are Working … For IVANKA!

Thanks for that free publicity! Now OTHER Conservatives want to be boycotted, too!

They so DESPERATELY wanted to hurt the Trumps. Destroy them, actually.

They thought themselves so clever. That they were going in for the kill by bullying major retailers not to carry her product line. Remember the #GrabYourWallet campaign?

Well, time has passed. What results can we report so far?

That campaign accomplished ONE goal — places like Nordstrom did stop carrying her products.

But — like so many OTHER leftist initiatives, there were enormous unintended consequences. They shone a spotlight on Ivanka and her products. (Advertising dollars she didn’t have to spend.)

It evoked an emotional — rebellious — response in otherwise indifferent Republicans and Independents. People who hate these heavy-handed bully tactics of the SAME protesters who endlessly whine and moan about dictators and fascists — voted with their wallets.

What else did it do? Ivanka sold products online.

Net result? That cuts out a middle man … INCREASING profits.

Who lost out? Ironically… the SAME retailers that were bullied into compliance who no longer get a slice of her sales.

Who saw this coming?

Well, not to brag, but…

A LOT of Conservatives. ClashDaily included:

DEAR IVANKA HATERS: Your RAGE Pushed Her Brand To #1 On This ‘BEST-SELLERS’ List!

You’d think they would have learned their lesson from Chick-fil-A.

Share if their ignorance of both economics and human nature is STAGGERING.

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