QUESTION: If Obama PURPOSELY Created Chaos for Trump – Is He Guilty of SUBVERSION?

Published on March 8, 2017

Those last-minute changes Obama made — were they cynical politicking, or a malicious undermining of his successor?

Check out what O’Reilly had to say about the ‘landmines’ Obama left on his way out of office.

The changes Loretta Lynch made the rules concerning how raw, unverified data is shared between agencies in her final month in office … under Obama … were they INTENTIONAL?

Were they intended as snares for Trump?

Were they intended to put incriminating information in the hands of people who they already knew were politically motivated and predisposed to leak?

Because if they were NOT for this reason… what other explanation is there?

We haven’t forgotten THIS statement by Schumer:

For a party that is forever invoking claims of ‘dog whistles’ … how big a stretch would it be for embedded (e.g. ‘Deep State) activists to treat that statement from the Democratic Minority leader as a green light to begin ‘getting back at’ Trump?

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Share if NO revelation of Obama’s political Corruption would surprise you.

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