DEAR LIBS: What If YOUR Daughter Was SODOMIZED By Illegals – Would You Still Be ‘OPEN BORDERS’?

‘It’s all about compassion!’ shrieks the Left. Was THIS compassion?

Just so we’re clear…

The Left was so very compassionate with their ‘sanctuary’ policies and in giving these illegal aliens assistance — like public education.

The two vile b*stards that violently raped and sodomized a 14-year old girl were in the 9th Grade with her — despite being 17 and 18 years old respectively.


So, if this was your daughter…

– would you still yell ‘no one is illegal’?

– fight for ‘Open Borders’?

– demand Amnesty for people that have violated our immigration laws?

– hand the two ‘Dreamers’ DACA applications? (Which doesn’t just allow them to live here, but allows them to work here.)

– would you keep railing against the ‘Angel Mothers’ that brought light to the issue of Americans killed by illegals?

Just curious.

Because those of us on the Right — don’t have to change our position one bit.

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