DEAR WELFARE BRATS: This New Law Will RUIN Your Weekend Crack Party

Do you want that entitlement? Ok, just pee in this cup first.

Many ClashDaily readers think that we should give Congress drug tests.

So, why not drug test welfare recipients?

A giddy Paul Ryan sent this out on Social Media faster than a 14-year old girl’s selfie with her new lipgloss!

‘Another one heads to Trump’s desk. This legislation allows states to have drug testing to receive federal unemployment benefits,’ wrote Ryan.

It’s an attempt to curb welfare fraud and ensure that the money isn’t being spent on illegal activity.

We’ve seen how these entitlement programs can be massively abused.

Like this woman who scammed $262K in Food Stamps.

Sure, there’s a cost to implement the program.

Detractors say that that mitigates the savings.

But, let me remind the detractors that this is taxpayer money.

It is incumbent on the government to use it wisely.

Other detractors say that it infringes on people’s privacy.

I disagree.

I hand over my money to the government in the form of taxes, and (in a perfect world) the government would use that money responsibly. It isn’t a core service of government to provide for the financial needs of the people. We have a free market, we have the ability to relocate from areas of low employment to those of higher employment.

If someone wants to relegate themselves to government hand-outs, well, Americans need to know that the money isn’t being used for illegal activity.

I don’t want my tax dollars funding someone to refusing to work and abusing their body with drugs.

Do you?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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