DICK MORRIS: ‘Obama’s Desire to Wiretap Trump is UNDISPUTED FACT’

Astute political commentator, Dick Morris, weighs in on the wiretapping allegations. Check out HIS perspective.

Morris says that this Obama wanted to wiretap Trump after he won the Republican nomination.

And it wasn’t because of ‘Russia’.


From the video:

You know with all of the leaks and counter-leaks and accusations and denials, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamental fact that has emerged in the last week. Obama deliberately, and his people, obfuscate it to cover up this fact.

The fact is this, a month after Trump got the nomination, the Obama administration sought permission to wiretap him.

Not his staff, not his aides — him.

So, he became the Republican nominee when Cruz withdrew on May 3rd. And in June, Obama’s administration, with the approval of the Justice Department, with the approval of his appointee Loretta Lynch, went to the FISA court and asked for permission to put wiretaps on the Republican Presidential candidate…

…When you’re wiretapping Trump you don’t just getting National Security stuff or any calls he might or might not have had with the Russians, you get his campaign plans, you get his schedule, you get his advertising.

You learn what he’s going to say tomorrow and next week and next month.

It would absolutely confer an incredible advantage on the Hillary campaign, and Obama sought to get it. He had no sensitivity to the civil liberties implications of that request.

This is the most outrageous, damning thing that I have ever heard out of the Obama White House. And that’s saying something.

What do you think about what Morris has to say?

Is he right or ridiculous?

Let us know in the comments.

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