DRAMA QUEENS: ‘Trans’ Activists Threaten VIOLENCE … Target MEDICAL Conference

Published on March 1, 2017

Guess who’s REALLY ‘anti-science’.

In case there was any doubt, here’s proof.

‘Trans’ activists are FAR more interested in changing public and medical perceptions than they are in actually uncovering the truth.

Science, for those who have forgotten, requires dissenting views to challenge each other, to poke holes in theories. To actively seek to DISPROVE each other.

Last theory standing is the most plausible explanation of existing data.

Until the NEXT wave of hypotheses come along and we do it all over again.

That’s how advances in research happen. That’s how antiquated ideas are refined, improved, or even discarded.

There was a time when nobody accepted the idea of the ‘Big Bang’. But that explanation outlived its rival. This is how science is SUPPOSED to move forward.

Unless you are a social justice warrior.

Then facts must bow the knee to feelings. And anyone who doesn’t do that is marked as the enemy:

It also points to an even more troubling possibility, that the transgender phenomenon has given rise to what one lesbian critic calls a “trans cult,” characterized by “inventing false facts that don’t stand up to scrutiny, claiming that science is hateful toward your beliefs, claiming to be persecuted when you can’t force your beliefs on other people, and attempts to silence and destroy non-believers. Transgenderism is a religious cult.”

Cult or not, it’s clear that the alliance of trans activists, blind believers, wounded followers, and willing dupes in the medical community controls the airwaves, so to speak, of modern medicine. They have arrogated to themselves the right to rewrite history, silence critics, brand their own ideologically driven opinions as “fact,” and deny a hearing to researchers, clinicians, victims, and families whose evidence and experience run counter to their mandated cultish beliefs.

…Sponsored by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, the conference debuted the newly formed “USPATH,” ostensibly to serve WPATH’s U.S. members, who account for 75 percent of WPATH’s membership. However, according to USPATH Conference Chair Dan Karasic and Co-Chair Jamison Green, the conference served a political purpose as well: “USPATH LA 2017 will stand as a strong statement of support for continuing the rapid developments in trans health in America, and for the community of health providers, researchers, and advocates who are advancing that care.”

But not all health care experts are welcome. Kenneth Zucker, a psychologist with years of experience treating gender confusion, was slated to speak on several panels at the conference. He was a token, actually, a voice representing politically disfavored but scientifically weighty research that cautions against labeling gender-confused children as “transgender,” in part because the majority of these children later “desist” from cross-gender identification.

(To deal with the inconvenient data on desistance, some WPATH members advocate for changing WPATH’s upcoming Standards of Care 8 to “remove unsubstantiated and harmful statements on the statistical likelyhood [sic]” of transgender persistence or desistance among children. That’s one way to blunt the impact of data you don’t like—erase it.)

In a Facebook post after the uproar, Karasic admitted that USPATH had stacked the conference schedule with practitioners of the “trans affirmative” approach favored by the trans alliance. Karasic said Zucker was invited merely as a gesture of tolerance. Conference organizers had fully expected his views to be “contextualized” (marginalized) by the “now dominant perspective of trans affirmative care.

We’ll Even Censor Scientific Research You Don’t Like
It gets worse. A video of the meeting between trans activists and WPATH and USPATH leaders reveals a medical community not only pathetically cowed by trans activists, but also apparently colluding with them about how to exclude Zucker without risking a lawsuit. (The video is a treasure trove worth mining if Zucker sues over the incident.)

…In a blatant admission of his willingness to censor scientific research in the future, Karasic apologized to the trans activists, saying, “even if it [Zucker’s proposal] was getting a high enough score, I don’t think we should have let him present,” and WPATH/USPATH would not make that mistake in the future.

Read the FULL article: The Federalist

Notice the protester claims the ‘right’ to interrupt in the name of free speech, but doesn’t understand that the scheduled speaker has an actual LEGITIMATE right to free speech.

Because feelings, ‘safe spaces’, identity politics and propaganda are all FAR more important and relevant than any medical research.

At least, it does for the precious snowflakes.

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