FULL RETARD: Hollywood Dingbat BLAMES Trump For London Terrorist Attack

Written by K. Walker on March 24, 2017

And now for the latest asinine statement from LaLa Land…

Don’t you just love it when people who play make-believe for a living start spreading conspiracy theories as truth?

It’s like they can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

So, Patricia Arquette posted a rather disgusting tweet suggesting that the London Terror Attack could have been staged by Trump to take the spotlight off of the nothing-burger Russia story.

Arquette is also an advocate of the ‘Equal Rights Amendment’ to ensure that the ‘Gender Pay Gap’ is eliminated!


Here’s the now-deleted tweet:



This is full-on bat guano crazy.

These Leftists are dismissive of recurring acts of actual Islamic terror because — ‘tolerance’.

Hell, we had a President that refused to call it that for 8 years.

The Left refuses to acknowledge that there is something within Islamic ideology that can make individuals commit violent acts against strangers. (Seriously, folks, it’s not all Muslims.)

Tommy Robinson, one of the most hated men in Britain, is pretty up-front about his critique of Islam.

Many on the Right have done the same, just to be condemned as ‘Islamophobic’.

Because there is — unequivocally — widespread, worldwide acts of violence committed in the name of Islam. Sometimes with the shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The Media (D) continues to call them ‘lone wolf’ attacks, despite the similarities and the common theme of Jihad.

If you listened to Obama, you’d think that terrorism is just a thing that happens, and there are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus that do it… and don’t even get him started on the Jews!

But this tweet by Arquette is deplorable on a scale that is rarely attempted, even in Hollywood.

It’s reserved for the heavy hitters like Michael Moore. (Pun intended.)

Patricia Arquette seems to think that the Republicans would use such a heinous act as this to divert attention from the ongoing fake news of a Trump-Russia connection.

Here’s why that’s just Bovine Scatology:

1. Trump is evil and would condone the mass-murder of innocents to draw attention away from a story that has no evidence and is being kept on life-support by a biased Media (D).

2. This is incredibly disrespectful to the murdered victims, those injured and their families that have suffered a heinous act of violence because of a destructive ideology. An ideology that has been coddled and permitted to flourish unfettered because of Leftists, like Arquette, who preach ‘tolerance’ and refuse to acknowledge the incompatibility of the Islamic worldview and the Western worldview.

3. To take this incident of terror, and turn it away from the examination of Islam, and instead target a political ‘enemy’, is — what’s the word? — DEPLORABLE. Don’t make it about America– this is was an act of terror on British soil. Americans need to stand by our ally and condemn the attack for what it was, not spreading speculation about what Arquette wants it to be to confirm her own bias.

As mentioned, the tweet is no longer available.

Twitter obviously didn’t suspend her because of the inflammatory tweet… so she must’ve taken some heat for it and shamed into removing it.


Because crap like that shouldn’t be posted at all.

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