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News Clash

HEY CNN: Why Do Your ‘Technical Difficulties’ Keep Cutting Off CONSERVATIVE Ideas?

Anyone ELSE noticing a common theme in the ‘technical difficulties’ at the so-called ‘most trusted name in news’?

The INTERNET is forever, they say.

In that vein, someone ever-so-helpfully put together a handy montage of instances in which CNN guests suddenly ‘went dark’ or ‘lost a sattelite feed’ or …

[because Don Lemon isn’t particularly subtle when his beloved Hillary gets slammed]

…anchors explicitly cut their guests off early.

See for yourself if you can spot any common themes emerging,

Let’s see…

A positive reference to Jesus… (ZAP!)

Reversing an anti-Rand into a criticism of Obama/Hillary foreign policy — e.g. Iran… (ZAP!)

Connecting the current Prison Crisis to the Previous Clinton Administration’s Criminal Law Policy… (ZAP!)

And that’s just the first three!

So VERY many glitches.

Why don’t the OTHER networks have such unreliable equipment?

It’s a real head-scratcher, isn’t it?

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