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News Clash

ET TU, VAN JONES: Trump-Bashing CNN Anchor Says ‘Good Night For Trump’ (Video)

Even while admitting his biases, he couldn’t help but praise Trump.

If you’ve watched him even once on CNN, that’s enough to know that Van Jones





Here he is admitting he would have squeeled like a little schoolgirl if he had gotten one of those AWESOME stories about Trump being dirty.

(Think they’d be as interested about that investigating Obama for misusing US dollars to help Soros prop up leftist groups? Probably not.)

Even Cooper got in on it.

Rubles. Ha ha. Funny. Becuase Russia.

That’s a thing they like to talk about. Maybe you’ve heard them talk about it before.

Nope. They STILL haven’t proven anything about that yet, but why let that stop them?

Just like they haven’t proven their allegations — the ones they confidently affirm — that Trump has been stiffing the US government on taxes.

Except they seem ready to let the TAX story die now. (Of embarrassment probably.)

And STILL no word from Maddow’s crack tax reporters about THESE guys:


Even so, they had no choice but to acknowledge that Trump came out ahead after Maddow’s melodramatic ‘Capone’s Vault’ moment.

This actually caught Hannity by surprise.

How badly did the Media (D) fail in their job in kneecapping Trump?

Hillary’s Campaign press secretary is desperately trying to change the channel to something else.

Even YOUR side knows you failed.

Keep up the good work, Liberals.

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