HILARIOUS! Rand Paul Says That John McCain Is ‘UNHINGED’ And That’s Just The Beginning…

Written by K. Walker on March 16, 2017

John McCain said that fellow Senator, Rand Paul, is ‘working for Putin’. Senator Paul’s response was PERFECT!

When discussing the inclusion of Montenegro into NATO, Senator John McCain (RINO-Arizona), know interventionist, tried to shame Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) into agreeing with him.


“So I repeat again. The senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin,” McCain said on the Senate floor after lambasting Paul for blocking a treaty that would include Montenegro into NATO.

Putin is strongly opposed to Montenegro’s inclusion into NATO because of his belief that it transgresses Russian sovereignty.

Needless to say, Paul didn’t take the accusation lying down.

“You know, I think he makes a really, really strong case for term limits,” Paul told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“I think maybe he’s past his prime,” Paul continued. “I think maybe he’s gotten a little bit unhinged.”

Paul shared the reason he had an objection to Montenegro’s inclusion into NATO, noting that it may be in the United States’ best interest to be a bit more hands off.

“[McCain’s] foreign policy is something that would greatly endanger the United States, greatly overextend us,” Paul said.

McCain has been an advocate for intervention in countries from Iraq to Afghanistan to Kosovo to North Korea for years. Paul has often said that these militaristic actions have been both unnecessary and detrimental to the U.S. as a whole. In fact, Paul’s support for other officials — such as President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — has hinged on whether or not they thought the Iraq War was a mistake.
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Watch Sen. Rand Paul on Morning Joe:

Sen. Paul says that Sen. McCain is ‘unhinged’, ‘past his prime’, and makes a really, really strong case for term limits.

What do you think about expanding NATO?

Do you agree with Sen. Rand Paul that including more countries in NATO would expand the military and financial obligations of the United States?

The US is currently pledged to defend 28 countries in NATO. We have troops in dozens of countries, and are currently actively fighting in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and occasional drone-strikes on Pakistan.

Do we really want to add more to the plate for countries that can’t foot the bill?

Let us know in the comments.

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