HOMELAND SECURITY: Are THEY The Solution To Chicago’s Gang Problem?

Written by Kevin Fobbs on March 17, 2017

The killing nightmare continues in the Windy City and to make matters worse violent gangs are stocking up on looted freight cars filled with guns. While liberals in America were kissing up to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s fake news grenade explosion over 12-year-old breaking news, the murder and carnage continues in the Windy City. It has now gotten much worse, since Fox News is reporting that violent gangs in Chicago are looting freight cars filled with weapons.

The epicenter of the historic killing spree and gun heists is occurring in clearly the nation’s most dangerous neighborhood. Guns which ordinarily would be purchased in America’s gun shops are instead ending up in the hands of brazen lawless hoodlums who take their bloodlust out on innocent victims young and old.

What is missing from this modern story of horrors are the voices of so-called leaders like Jesse Jackson and the Al Sharpton who are also prepared to target imaginary foes like the dedicated police men and woman who enforce the law in those same dangerous Chicago neighborhoods. Instead, the voiceless in Chicago have no defense against the gangsters who manufacture bedlam and chaos.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, since 2013 more than 150 weapons have been stolen from freight trains in that area, of which many were linked to violent crimes in the city. One local church leader is decrying the increased violence and presence of stolen weapons.

Pastor Cory Brooks, who heads a church within a stone’s throw from the freight yard around the corner adamantly stressed, “Any time you have individuals who can go in and steal guns from a train, that makes the environment very toxic,” reported Fox News.

Toxic is truly an understatement of the unbearable burden of the continuing escalation of violence and uncertainty experienced by many families, young children and seniors. Safety and security are words that have been rendered literally meaningless in the city’s south side neighborhoods where the city’s 762 homicides were up an astonishing 57 percent over 2015 murders.

For many Americans outside of Chicago, the idea that 150 stolen guns may appear to be much ado about nothing. But inside the city’s blood riddled neighborhoods, the ATF reported that one solitary gun can be linked to at the very least 14 fatal shootings, according to Fox News.

For the residents who live their lives in sheer terror this is very simply terrorism. It is sort of naked and unabridged terrorism that far too many innocents in Syria, Iraq, Libya wake up to each morning. The terrorists are unfeeling, uncaring and exist merely to rein down lawless terror upon the inhabitants. It is the sort of terrorism that the Norfolk Southern Railway that operates the freight yards could develop anti-terrorism tactics to avoid.

While spokespersons for Norfolk Southern take responsibility for its liability for the stolen guns, it still is approaching the thefts as if it was merely a crime of ripping off weapons. In a statement Norfolk Southern Susan Terpay spokesperson stated, “We are taking significant steps to evaluate and adapt our security protocols, prevent criminal trespass and address community concerns,” reported Fox News.

While the company is relying on increasing patrols of rail yards using uniformed officers in marked cars and K-9 units, perhaps they should bring in the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and national guard and really go to town on these home grown urban terrorists.
It’s time to take the kid gloves off these urban monsters and treat them to the type of zero tolerance justice that they truly deserve and bring true American safety and security to the residents of Chicago’s south side neighborhoods.

photo credit: Miradortigre Chicago Metra Trains via photopin (license)

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Kevin Fobbs
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