YO NINTH CIRCUIT: Saudi Prince Had THIS To Say About Trump’s So-Called ‘Muslim Ban’

Published on March 16, 2017

It really jacks up your narrative, doesn’t it?

What’s the big lie even Conservative-friendly news outlets keep repeating? The one deliberately shaped by liberal talking-heads, and taken up by almost every left-leaning news report on the topic.

The report of the travel ban is almost NEVER reported without a values-laden adjective.

You don’t hear Six ‘unstable states’. Or ‘war-torn states’. Or ‘states Obama’s administration identified as high-risk’.

You hear reports — invariably — calling them ‘Muslim-majority’ states.

Now unless they are willing to concede a CAUSAL relationship between the sorry, unstable state of their nations, and Islam (I suspect they are NOT) there is no reason to call them Muslim-majority states.

It isn’t their Islam that got them selected. Plenty of Muslim-majority countries — some of them peaceful, some more turbulent — are NOT included in the list.

But maybe way over here on the other side of the planet, we lose perspective.

What might a local — a Muslim one, at that — have to say about Trump’s executive order? What about the Saudi Prince? Is HE Muslim enough?

The two met at the White House Tuesday in what Saudi Arabia described as a “turning point” from Riyadh’s often-fraught relationship with the Obama administration, especially in the wake of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

“This meeting is considered a historical turning point in relations between both countries… which had passed through a period of divergence of views on many issues,” a senior adviser to Prince Mohammed said in a statement.

“But the meeting today restored issues to their right path and form a big change in relations between both countries in political, military, security and economic issues,” the adviser said.

On a travel ban against six Muslim-majority countries, the adviser said Prince Mohammed did not regard it as one that was aimed at “Muslim countries or Islam.”

Despite Trump making some of the most Islamophobic and anti-Islam comments in U.S. presidential history, [note: see that clause you just read? They’re editorializing again.] Prince Mohammed “expressed his satisfaction after the meeting on the positive position and clarifications he heard from President Trump on his views on Islam,” the advisor said, according to Reuters. —Source

Oh. Ok — A Hawaiian judges gets offend on behalf of Muslims, invoking feelings in his ruling. As though THOSE make any difference.

But MUSLIM leaders of allied nations not only AGREE with Trump’s ban, they go so far as to deny it as being a ‘Muslim Ban.’ Who has a better sense about what offends Muslims? An American judge? Or a Muslim national leader?

The United Arab Emirates had expressed similar views to its Saudi ally about the first travel ban, saying it did not target Muslims.

Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies were some of the few nations in the world, along with Israel, to welcome the Trump presidency as his administration shares the same views on what they call the “Iranian threat.”

The deputy crown prince’s senior adviser said both leaders had identical views on “the danger of Iran’s regional expansionist activities.”– Source

But what would THEY know about hurt Muslim feelings? Even some of the affected countries had a more measured reaction than some of the over-caffeinated Moonbats back in America.

Sudan’s foreign minister told Bloomberg the government would “wait until the period mentioned until the executive decision passes and see what is next after that and then we’ll act accordingly.” — Source

But go ahead and keep pressing that ‘Muslim-majority’ country angle. Becuase you WANT Trump to be a boogey man. WHETHER he has the policies to back it up or not.

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