IVANKA FANS: That Gym Rat Who BLASTED Ivanka Is BACK Online If You Wanna TROLL Her

Published on March 29, 2017

Well, well, look who’s out of hiding.

You can finally tell her how you feel about ‘outing’ Ivanka.

Do you remember the story? Here’s a portion:

Ivanka is being targeted as the vulnerable point that ‘tolerant progressives’ can hurt to punish the President by Proxy. Because that’s what ‘justice’ looks like… making children pay for the so-called ‘sins’ of their parents.

In our paparazzi culture, it can be hard to just do the ordinary things of daily life. Shop, visit the dentist, join a gym.

You can imagine that all Ivanka wanted was to pay her lousy $37.00 go to the stupid class, work out and get on with her life.

As anonymously as possible.

She used an alias. Considering the seething hate we’re seeing in politics these days, can you blame her?

But the OWNER of the gym found out that Ivanka had signed up. She posted this FB message. Notice the problem with it? You can read the rest in the —Orignal Article


Should ANY business publish the personal details of their customers without permission?

So right after ‘outing’ Ivanka — a paying customer — her website and social media ‘went dark’. She went dark so she wouldn’t have to hear from regular people exactly what you think of her. She preferred to be ‘unaccountable’ for her actions.

She didn’t think she could snipe at someone like that and get away with it, did she?

Here’s her contact info: (Remember, this was the DC location.)


Facebook address one.

Address two.

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