WTF? Bro Gets PROSECUTED For Eating BACON Too Close To Muslims – No, This Isn’t SATIRE

Written by K. Walker on March 29, 2017

Eating bacon in public. It’s a REAL problem.

But Sweden’s rape epidemic? Meh.

The incident occurred in the Swedish capital of Stockholm over the weekend. The Swedish man, who has not been named by media or the police, is said to have approached the Muslim women who were wearing Islamic veils on a train while he was eating bacon and dangled the bacon in front of their faces, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

According to the report, the women got up to find seating elsewhere and the man followed them with his bacon. He is alleged to have called them derogatory names and made racist comments, though neither the police nor the court has specified what was said during the incident.

The prosecutors allege he then used racial epithets on another woman in the train station after getting off the train. He faces charges of incitement to racial hatred.
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If they’re THIS bitchy about a BLT, can you imagine how upset they’d be after reading Ted Nugent’s mocking list of all the everyday things a terrorist might touch that have pork in them!

If you missed it, you can find the link here:

Ted Nugent Has Some BIG News for Muslim Terrorists and They’re TICKED

It’s funny and worth the click.

Don’t you think they should be more concerned about rapey men ruining the ‘good name’ of their religion than a guy eating a bacon sandwich.

And have any of these ‘offended’ women in veil called the women who DON’T wear veils a slut? Isn’t that at least AS offensive?

Guess what. YOU came to Europe. Europeans eat pork. Deal with it. Learn to love it… or leave.

Good luck trying a publicity stunt like this in China.

Speaking out about ‘oppression’ in China?

If they tried it there, they’d just ‘disappear’.

Share if they can pry your bacon from your cold dead hands.

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