LIBERAL LUNACY: Next Up… The Trans-Racial Movement!

Written by Andrew Allen on March 20, 2017

Rachel Dolezal isn’t the first transracial individual. There have been others. The good liberals in Massachusetts elected one to the United States Senate. While Elizabeth Warren merely used her transracial identity to sell a cook book and use affirmative action programs for her own benefit, Rachel Dolezal was a true trailblazer. Dolezal after all, is the most prominent person to date to actually use the term “transracial”.

It’s The Next Big Thing
Transracial will be the next big thing on left-wing horizons. We’ve explored just about all the warrens there are to find in that bizarre rat hole that is transgender. Has any other culture ever in the history of our species elevated a documented mental illness (i.e., gender dysphoria) into a virtue destined to take us one step closer toward utopic perfection? Now that we have, and one can be whatever gender one wants to be at any given moment, what’s left but race?

After all, after their obsession with gender the left is obsessively compulsed over race.

Here’s How It Works
In the case of Dolezal, she grew up in an unhappy childhood and associated with pictures of tribal African women she saw in magazines at home. Admittedly, Dolezal lived a grueling life in a very rural part of Idaho and, kids being kids, she saw the magazine pictures and fantasized that somehow she was just like those tribal black women.

Kind of the same way many a kid has looked at pictures of astronauts and thought of him or herself as one.

Only in Dolezal’s case, no one ever told her she wasn’t a black woman. In fact, her college experience supported her delusion. So she stuck with it, to the point where the NAACP put her in a leadership position in their Spokane, Washington office.
To be transracial then is to find a race other than you own that you like, pretend you are part of it, and then perpetuate the myth as though it were just one more lifestyle choice. (Kind of like transgender but with ethnicity rather than genitalia.)

And It Is Racist!
Transracialism is about the most racist thing imaginable. For transracial to work, it requires the transracial person ignore the content of individual character, and instead accept a race-based stereotype of an entire ethnic group.

For example, if a white guy decides he is a transracial Hispanic, is it because he thinks all Hispanics eat empanadas (really good by the way), drive low riders, and are really good at soccer. Most likely it is. After all, if that white guy instead focused on an accomplished Hispanic individual would there be any need to assume the outward trappings of the Hispanic race?

Or a white guy that thinks he’s a light-skinned black guy. Is it because the white guy is into rap, likes the idea of being a baller and shot caller, and hates pulling his pants up all the way? It surely isn’t because the white guy is well versed in the legacy of Daniel Hale Williams. To associate with Dr. Daniel Williams, inventor of open heart surgery, doesn’t require rap music, balling and shot calling, or arranging one’s trousers so that the back pockets hover just above the back of the knees.

It Won’t Be Called Racist Though
In our enlightened era, in which mental illnesses are treated as accomplishments instead of things requiring medical treatment, as the transracial come out of the closet make no mistake, few and far in between will be the leftists that call them out as racists.

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