LMAO: Chelsea Clinton Tweeted Out The DUMBEST Tweet In The Tweeter-verse!

Published on March 27, 2017

Wow. She’s got the looks of her mother and the brains of… her mother.

One almost feels sorry for her.

Chelsea Clinton responded to this tweet:

Like this:



You can see where this is going to go, right?’

Twitter was merciless.

A number of people verified the authenticity of Licoln wearing the MAGA hat:

Others went a different direction:

Chelsea did try to ‘explain’ her tweet by saying that her tweet was ‘too subtle’ for the knuckle-dragging Trump-supporters. It didn’t go over well.

Finally, someone to make Joe Biden’s stupidity look like it falls within one standard deviation.

Ouch this is bad.

Share if this STILL won’t be enough to keep Democrats from trying to elect her to something.