LMAO: Disney NUKES Beauty & The Beast In This Country Because Of BACKLASH Over Gay Character

Published on March 14, 2017

Isn’t it interesting how SELECTIVE they are in who they are willing to offend?

Funny how different the reaction is, here versus there.

In America, People are boycotting the new re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast with a homosexual scene worked into it between Gaston and LeFou.

Some because they like the story the way it USED to be told, and don’t like the arbitrary inclusion of something that was not part of the story.

Others are bothered by a sexual agenda being added to a story that is explicitly directed at younger children, and view this as propaganda.

Others would say if you want to tell a story about a gay guy, don’t hijack an existing story, write your OWN damned story you lazy slobs. As one person said, ‘Stop gay-ing up all the things.’

Only SOME of the so-called ‘bigots’ object purely and only for the fact that there is an onscreen kiss between two guys.

But in America… anyone who objects to this ‘courageous’ film is a knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing Neandrathal, sloped forehead and all.


Meanwhile, in Malaysia…

Walt Disney has shelved the release of its new movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in mainly Muslim Malaysia, even though film censors said Tuesday it had been approved with a minor cut involving a ‘gay moment.’
The country’s two main cinema chains said the movie, due to begin screening Thursday, has been postponed indefinitely. No reason was given.
Film Censorship Board chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid said he did not know why the film was postponed as it was approved by the board after a minor gay scene was axed.
He said scenes promoting homosexuality were forbidden and that the film was given a P13 rating, which requires parental guidance for children under 13 years of age.– DailyMail

So, in America principled objection to people messing with a beloved children’s story is PROOF of being backward and bigoted.

But in a country where it’s actually FORBIDDEN to portray homosexuality on film? Big deal.

What have we learned here?

It’s Starbucks all over again.

They COULD tweak one short scene and make it legally available in Malasia … the LARGEST MUSLIM COUNTRY in the world … and capture more profit from more showings.

Or they could put Propaganda before profit, stick to their guns and refuse to cut that scene, regardless of profit.

(Disney Shareholders, take note.)

But so long as Disney says NOTHING about Islam and its HARSH position on Homosexuality?

While Disney says nothing about ‘theologians‘ (University Professors, no less!) advocating for the ‘legality’ of female sex slaves?

Then they can go pound sand when they try to moralize against Traditional Americans with a FAR more relaxed view toward ‘tolerance’.

But why are they unwilling to badger Islam about how insensitive they are?

Share if Disney has nothing left to offer you.