LMAO: Get This New BOUTONNIÈRE And Trigger Libs Into A Full-On HISSY FIT!

Published on March 24, 2017

Shots fired. Oh, you’re triggered? Good!

It’s a product that could make Obama Cry. Again.


He doesn’t like guns. Or anything related to them.

He’s gonna HATE this. But Clash Nation? You will love it.


So, if you were looking for something distinctive, Prom season is not far off.

Watch how to attach the boutonnière:

And for figuring out a clever way to profit off of an expensive hobby?


Well done, Bullet Bouquets.

They even have options for Mother’s Day. Here’s one of our favorites.


Yep. It’ll ‘trigger’ them alright.

Now… where did I put that credit card?

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