Yo, Trump Haters: Guess How Many BILLIONS Building The Wall Will SAVE Taxpayers

Published on March 26, 2017

Oh. The Illegals ‘support the economy’, do they? Guess again.

Let’s start with a relatively HIGH estimate for the price tag.

Using Reuter’s pricing: “the border wall will cost $21.6 billion, and will take roughly 3.5 years to build. This is according to a document from the Department of Homeland Security.”

That’ll be the INPUT cost.

What will the net change in overall Taxpayer cost be?

According to the numbers crunched HERE we’re looking at the following expenses on our tax tab:

1. Federal Expenses: $31.9 Billion

2. State & Local Costs: $93.3 Billion

3. Remittances: $38 Billion

Sum total: illegal immigration costs America $148.3 billion per year. —NationalEconomics

You can see where this is going, right?

148 minus 21 equals?

127 Billion


Even if all it does is prevent FUTURE instances of illegal immigration, and considering the Left’s determined attempt to throw open our doors for MORE immigration, building the wall can actually SAVE us money.

However much the critics may snipe.

Share if the wall makes good financial sense.

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