VIRAL VIDEO: Watch ‘POLICE TURKEY’ Break Up Fight Between 2 Roosters

This turkey doesn’t put up with any crap. Check it out…

Turkeys can be bizarre. Like this video where a bunch of them are walking around a dead cat:

That’s just weird.

The roosters on this ranch are in for it.

They’ve decided to fight on the turkey’s turf.


From the video:

It looks like the red rooster got tired of being second-chair and has decided to challenge a black rooster, who is head honcho on the ranch.

Here comes Mr. Turkey, who doesn’t like people fighting, though. Decides to break it up. He wants everybody to know who’s really in charge.

Look at that, the Police Department… Isn’t that somethin’?

Now, how do we get all the Black Lives Matter protesters to understand this lesson?

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