PATRIOTS: Here’s HOW To Keep Your TV & CAR From Spying On You

Life was simpler when only the tinfoil hat crowd needed to wonder about such things.

The GOOD news is that some of the fixes are pretty simple.

Should EVERYONE be worried about their TV, phone, or car spying on them? No.

As powerful as the software is, it doesn’t target everyone.

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‘It’s unsurprising, and also somewhat reassuring, that these are tools that appear to be targeted at specific people’s (devices) by compromising the software on them – as opposed to tools that decrypt the encrypted traffic over the internet,’ said Matt Blaze, University of Pennsylvania computer scientist.
The exploits appear to emphasize targeted attacks, such as collecting keystrokes or silently activating a Samsung TV’s microphone while the set is turned off. — DailyMail

How exposed are you?

…’Anything that is voice-activated or that has voice- and internet-connected functionality is susceptible to these types of attacks,’ said Robert M. Lee, a former U.S. cyberwar operations officer and CEO of the cybersecurity company Dragos.
That includes smart TVs and voice-controlled information devices like the Amazon Echo, which can read news, play music, close the garage door and turn up the thermostat.
An Amazon Echo was enlisted as a potential witness in an Arkansas murder case.

But — and it’s a big one — the infected device can’t do anything without internet access. If it’s cut off from WIFI (which probably negates what you liked about the product in the first place) then it can’t send information anywhere.

Taking the batteries out — when possible — is a good idea, too.

But what about your encrypted apps like Whatsapp?

It’s a good news/bad news thing.

The good news is that it doesn’t hack the app itself. The bad news is that it doesn’t need to.

The phone itself — keystrokes, camera, microphone — can send enough information on its own, without needing access to the app.

Fortunately, not everyone can be targeted at the same time. Most of us probably aren’t even worth deploying their expensive resources.

And the BEST defense?

It’s the boring, sensible stuff. The stuff Podesta forgot about.

Stay current. Do all your updates. And NEVER… EVER… click on sketchy links or email attachments.

That’s it. It isn’t even all that complicated. Hope it helps.

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