WATCH: Trump’s 1st Pres In A Long Time Who’s An ADVERSARY Of The ‘Deep State & Not A Tool Of It’

Published on March 8, 2017

Judge Napolitano gives the Deep State a public flogging.

In case you were still wondering why we need to ‘Drain That Swamp’…

‘People in the intelligence community that have so much access to information about everyone they can manipulate the President of the United States. And if they don’t like what he says, they can embarrass him. And if they want to control his thought patterns and decision-making? They keep information away from him.’

‘[Trump’s] suggestion for a Congressional investigation of the intelligence community is the LAST thing his enemies in the intelligence community want. Because if the American Public learns that they have access to everything we type and everything we say they will be REPULSED by the power that this Deep State Group has… that CONGRESS gave them, they didn’t create this on their own!’

And Dobbs made sure we didn’t forget about the time that the CIA went in and surveilled the Senate and Intelligence Committee.

Sound incredible? It’s far too common.

Related: maybe you missed THIS headline from 2015.

Secret Service agents leaked Jason Chaffetz’s file in bid to embarrass congressman

At 10 a.m. on March 24, Rep. Jason Chaffetz convened a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing to look into scandals involving the Secret Service.
Eighteen minutes later, a Secret Service agent improperly accessed the agency’s restricted database to unearth unflattering information about the Utah Republican — namely, that he had once unsuccessfully applied for a job with the agency.
Days later, an assistant director in the Secret Service suggested that the embarrassing information should be made public in retaliation for the congressman’s embarrassing probe.

Have people forgotten that famous quote by Lord Acton? The one about Absolute Power corrupting absolutely?

That was basically the same case a New York Post piece was building against Comey, just yesterday.

Drunk on power. With NO public accountability.

And for once, we have someone in high office who hates what they are doing, owes them no favors, and — if necessary — could afford the legal expenses if the State tried to bury him in legal fees.

We need to drain that swamp.

And do it Yesterday.

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