PATRIOTS: Are You Ready For Paul Ryan To STEP DOWN?

Published on March 27, 2017

The swing and a miss for Repeal And Replace… who owns it? Is Judge Jeanine right or ridiculous?

Judge Jeanine Pirro is laying the blame squarely at Paul Ryan’s feet.

When the crowds Cheered Wildly because Trump stood up and promised to get straight to work repealing ObamaCare… and then elected a Republican as President, besides giving them both the Congress and Senate?

Did you NEED a mandate more clear than that?

And if he knew they were falling short of delivering it, she asks a few OTHER pointed questions about other options and Ryan’s leadership in setting the course he chose.

Was it the Freedom Caucus’s fault? Rinos? Sabotage?

Or was it just a lot of Republicans who — unlike the Democrats — don’t naturally fall in line like lemmings. Is it a party that actually NEEDS something resembling Real LEADERSHIP to bridge the gaps? And, as a follow-up question:

Is Ryan the person to provide that kind of leadership?

The Judge’s thoughts on the topic hold nothing back.


We’re guessing she’s not his biggest fan.

So… what do YOU think?

And if he should step down — who do YOU suggest should step up?

Comments, as always, are open to hammer out your opinions.

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