HEY REPUBLICANS: Here’s A List Of Questions Your Liberal Aunt Can’t Answer

Written by Allan Erickson on March 27, 2017

>Never forget, the American Republic, established by the Founders, cannot survive unless citizens are educated, motivated by virtue, and ready to fight for the right, at every bend in the road.

>Always remember, the enemies of our Republic come in two basic forms: those who declare outright they are enemies seeking our complete destruction; and those who pretend to be patriots, wolves dressed in lamb’s wool. With the former their status is self-evident. With the latter, learn how to help them confess their status just by asking them how the Constitution is inviolate. Ask them how open borders support sovereignty. Ask them why global government is preferable to self-government. Ask them to enumerate the elements required for the maintenance of liberty. Ask them if Sharia can coexist with our Republic. Ask them how communism respects the right of the individual and how communism leads to prosperity, health and utopia.

>Democrats, once largely patriots, turned coats in the 60s, and never looked back. Most Democrats today are in league with the enemies of the Republic. Learn to ask questions that verify this assertion.

>Our enemies never compromise. What purpose is served by compromising with them? Never give an inch or they will demand a mile.

>Liberty and prosperity derive from majority devotion to the Founders’ vision, period. Learn how to prove this statement and practice your presentation. Remember Margaret Thatcher’s recipe for quiet revolution: win the debate, win elections, make changes. Study Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley and Thomas Sowell and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

>When a Democrat vehemently protests, several things are happening: a sacred cow is about to be slaughtered, corruption is about to be exposed, cover ups are being launched, witnesses are being coached or eliminated, there is an election at stake, payola is threatened, the power base is eroding, ethnic groups are awakening to the fact they’ve been manipulated and ripped off, women voters are beginning to see they’ve been conned, workers perceive they’ve been exploited, and taxpayers are understanding the depth of the debt problem. Remember, the more hysterical the Democrat, the less believable the Democrat. Encourage vehement protest: in it Democrats reveal themselves.

>Promote the rule of law. Articulate the absolute necessity of equal protection. Then ask Democrats why they promote lawlessness in such things as sanctuary cities. Ask them why they deny equal protection to political adversaries. Have examples at the ready.

>The American Republic is an “experiment in self-government”. Ask Democrats and RINOs why the experiment succeeded for so long. Ask them what is required for continued success. Ask them if liberty is possible without the idea of self-government. Ask them to define “consent of the governed” and how that supports the foundation for liberty.

>To help Democrats self-reveal, ask them how the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are linked, interdependent.

>Ask Democrats to enumerate the benefits of the administrative state and the positive dimensions of the federal bureaucracy issuing regulations outside the influence of Congress, and how all this squares with representative government.

>Ask Democrats to explain why the 10th Amendment is so important to a free state.

>Ask Democrats to explain why it is preferable having the courts establish law rather than limiting legislative activity to the Congress.

>Ask Democrats to explain by what authority they claim a right to deny life to the unborn.

>Ask Democrats by what authority they deny religious liberty to the majority in order to bestow special rights on a minority.

>Ask Democrats to explain why they prefer identity politics and the politics of personal destruction in order to accomplish social change.

>Ask Democrats what is required to establish and sustain liberty.

>Ask Democrats to show where socialism has been successful, standing on its own, without dependence upon American foreign aid.

>Ask them by what right the government takes money from one citizen in order to give that money to another citizen.

>Ask them how the New Deal and the Great Society invested many trillions of dollars to end poverty in America.

>Ask Democrats to prove centralized power and central planning conform to our constitutional form of government.

>Ask them to explain why we have a system of checks and balances, and ask them how it was designed by the Founders. Ask them to explain the philosophical presupposition behind the idea of checks and balances.

>Ask them if it is important for immigrants to pledge to become Americans, to require they speak English, and to require they be educated about Americanism before taking the Pledge of Allegiance? If not, why not?

>Ask them to describe the world without a strong American military presence.

>Ask them to explain how the permissive society has accomplished progress.

>Ask Democrats to tell us why the interests of the group are superior to the rights of the individual.

>Ask Democrats how children are better off now that we have effectively crippled the traditional family.

>Ask them how women are better off under the new social order.

>Ask what purpose is served by promoting race wars, and class warfare. Ask what good is accomplished turning women against men, or employing any form of aggravated divisiveness.

>Ask how celebrating deviance contributes to social and cultural progress. Ask how dumbing down our youth and turning them into flesh monsters serves anyone’s purpose.

>Ask if they believe human wisdom and capability are sufficient to the solutions facing the human race, and ask for evidence this wisdom and capability are effective.

>Ask them to prove that human beings are essentially good, and that by sheer force of will and intelligence, human beings can self-improve to the point of ending war, ending poverty, ending hunger and establishing liberty and justice for all.

>Ask them to explain why John F. Kennedy was a conservative, and when they cannot, help them.

>Ask if they believe in absolute truths, or, are all things relative? Is relativity absolute?

>In all these interactions, maintain a smile, a cheerful disposition, and a clear vision, always debating with facts and logic.


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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.