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‘QUEER Performance Artist’ Tattoos ‘Make America Great Again’ Around His BUNGHOLIO To ‘PROTEST TRUMP’

Wait, what? What in the Hell was he thinking?

Not sure exactly how THIS is supposed to help his ’cause’.

The Left is being reduced to blind rage and buffoonery. That can’t a good sign for their movement in the long term.

Did this guy stay up all night coming up with this plan? Did he lose a bet? Or was there a lot of liquor involved?

Oh wait. ‘The community’ called him ‘heroic’.

So THAT’s it. This is just another case of ‘virtue signaling’. ‘I’m good because I hate the right people/things.’

He’s trying to score social points with his peer group. How ‘courageous’.

Queer performance artist Abel Azcona has taken his critique of Donald Trump to the next level: by tattooing the words of the president’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” in a circle around his anus.

The tattooing of the phrase occurred in the Defibrillator Gallery in Chicago amongst a crowd of eager onlookers earlier this week. Azcona, who has engaged in more than 500 performance projects and over 100 individual exhibitions around the world, told The Huffington Post that he considers the bold statement to be a queer, political act. —Huffpo

Queer political act? Well, maybe in the ORIGINAL use of the word queer. As in, ‘it sure is weird, ain’t it, that’s anyone would want to stab some ink into their anal sphincter?’

But in the world of Huffpo headlines, that qualifies you as heroic.

Nope. No bias there. That’s ‘REAL’ news. You can tell because it slants left.

As you read this, it goes without saying, he made sure there was a live audience present. Because the at itself wasn’t debasing enough.

“I always worked my body as a weapon and a political tool,” Azcona said. “For more than 12 years I have been performing political and social performances and exhibitions that have led me to jail, detention or death threats. I believe in the empowerment of the body and of the pain. The anus is a pleasure zone for many people, and an area of sin for others. I think demystifying what the anus is, and writing a fascist political motto like that in my anus, is a clearly critical and subversive action.”

…“I believe that all of us who consider ourselves different should never be silent,” Azcona continued. “We must attack. We must use our body as a weapon of empowerment. We are faggots, women, Mexicans, blacks and different. And we are brave. Art is the greatest critical, social and political weapon I know.”

What a painfully powerful statement! — Huffpo

Did you catch that? The last sentence about how ‘powerful’ the statement was? That was OUTSIDE the quotes. That was the Huffpo contributor in his OWN voice.

I think his opinion on pain, empowerment and his body as a weapon speaks for itself.

His body is a means to a political end. Weaponized. Nice.

That’s how the Soviets viewed their politics, too. Coincidence?

Would he have been ‘courageous’ enough to do this ‘subversive’ act in, say, Saudi Arabia?

Nah. Because maybe America isn’t quite the fascist state he claims it is.

Share if that attitude doesn’t leave much room for ‘civil discourse’.

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